5 Famous Archers – Historical

Here’s a quick list of some historical archers you may or may not have heard of.

“Mad Jack”

Lt. Col. Jack Churchill truly lived to his nickname. Throughout World War II, when being armed with rifles was actually the norm, Mad Jack went medieval. Probably inspired by old Hood himself, he carried his longbow everywhere with him, taking down Nazi’s while at it. Here are a few of his accomplishments.

1) Starring, or at least partaking in the 1936 film – The Thief of Baghdad
2) Killed a German soldier using his longbow and a barbed (holy sh*t) arrow
3) Played the bagpipes (we’ll never understand why) whilst in position… before throwing a grenade… This man had balls!
4) Was captured after being knocked unconscious by a grenade… Though he escaped before being recaptured. But shortly after, the guards were overpowered and the Mad Jack, along with the rest of the crop escaped. He then trecked 150KM before being rescued by the Americans
5) Was quoted to have said “if it wasn’t for those damn yanks, we could’ve kept the war going another 10 years”

He died in 1996.

“The Bear Man”

Fred Bear was never a big man. But he grew exponentially in fame after popularising bow hunting. And as barbaric as bow hunting may seem, he went onto become one of the most famous historical archers to have lived.

Mr Bear also had a museum created in tribute to him and his killing ways.

But most importantly, Ted Nugent (as brilliant on guitar as Fred Bear was on the bow) wrote a song dedicated to him.

“Prince of E”

Now we really step back and take a trip down memory lane. The 12th century saw the birth of one the world’s most formidable bowmen and military generals. In fact, I’d bet anything that he’d give Mad Jack a good run around the park.

The Prince of E, born as Yue Fei, was acclaimed to be a master ambidextrous archer. It has even been said that he could draw a 180 KG bow. Though I reckon only King Kong or maybe Arnie could have ever done that.

Not only was he a famous historical archer, he was also reputed to be a master tactician who was well loved by his men. He was known for mixing hard training with envious shows of welfare.

“A Ford?”

Bad pun, yes. But still, Horace A. Ford (get it?) was one of Britain’s most brilliant archers. He first learnt the art at aged 23… Astonishingly, by 27 he came out tops of the Grand National Archery Meeting. And like in true championship fashion, he went on to clobber every opponent who dared step in his way for the next 11 years. Oh, and did I mention that this feat has, even till now, is unprecedented?

Yeah, even with the influx of better designed bows and what not, nobody has come within touching decision of A. Ford’s record.

“The Flying General”

Yet another man from rising giants comes to mind. Lu Bu. Though his name’s almost non-existent, his legacy his phenomenally huge. According to a few books, he’s even considered the most powerful warrior in the history of China. Though I bet a bunch of other books have claimed others to be the same as well.

For some reason, each famous warrior has a hilarious story to him. In the case of Mr Bu (or is it Mr Lu…), he had 2 adoptive fathers. And he ended up killing both of them. Such antics make you wonder whether people were more mentally unstable back then (he died in the year 199).

Lu Bu was very much the opposite of the Prince of E though. Instead of showing loyalty, he was a man who went to the highest bidder. But even that was hardly enough for him. For it seemed that he was always on eBay, looking for the next hot auction.

Lu Bu went on to be captured in a war, and was hanged.

These 5 famous historical archers have been instrumental in shaping the art of archery over time.

Who would be in your top 5?

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