Bear Archery Strike Compound RTH Bow

The Bear Archery Strike Compound Bow with RTH (Ready to Hunt) package includes everything you need to start hunting like a pro today. The heart of this package is the Bear Strike compound bow. The Strike is built on a fully machined riser, with pivoting, zero-tolerance limb pockets, and beyond parallel quad limbs. Known for being especially forgiving and smooth shooting, the Bear Strike is an outstandng mid-range bow.

The following components are included in the Bear Archery Strike RTH Package:
• Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit
• Trophy Ridge 5-pin Fiber Optic Sight
• Peep Sight
• Trophy Ridge Quiver
• Trophy Ridge Stabilizer and Sling
• Nock Loop.

The RTH package is the ideal way to get all of the accessories you need to start shooting right away. While the RTH package generally only adds $100 to the price of buying the bow by itself, the value of the components you get for that price far exceeds $100.

The Strike is modeled on Bear’s popular Truth 2 bow, which sold in the $700 price range (bare bow, no accessories). A closer look at the Bear Strike bow shows many features typically found on more expensive bows. Some of these include:

• Perimeter-weighted inner cam system
The inner cam system allows the Strike to be adjusted without separate modules and does not require a bow press for adjustments at 1” increments.

• Dual-Arc string suppressors
The Dual-Arc string suppressors are incorporated into both the top and bottom parts of the riser to significantly reduce string vibration and hand shock.

• Zero-tolerance limb pockets
The zero-tolerance pivoting limb pockets provide a more precise and consistent way to adjust draw length than bows with pivoting limbs, which contributes to more accurate performance.

• Flared quad limbs.
Flared limbs (flared toward the axle end) have been found to more evenly distribute the stress produced during the draw cycle ensuring a smooth draw start to finish.

What you will find is these features work together to make a bow that is both smooth to shoot and exceptionally quiet. Additionally, the short axel length makes the Strike a great choice for tight spots and the Realtree APG high definition camo is an excellent finish.

If the Bear Strike has any room for improvement, it would be in the area of speed. The officially listed IBO speed is 310 fps, but most archers agree the Strike shoots a bit slower than that. Having said that though, the Strike may not be the fastest bow in its class, but it provides plenty of speed and is still fast enough for game hunting.

Bear Archery is a known and trusted name in the archery industry. In recent years they have renewed their commitment to providing not only quality archery equipment but also outstanding customer service.

If you are looking for an excellent mid-range bow, the Bear Archery Strike compound bow fits the bill. The Bear Archery Strike Compound Bow RTH package is a great value, especially for those starting out and anyone returning to sport after a break who would like to update their equipment.

Technical Specifications:
• Weight: 3.9 lbs.
• IBO Speed: 310 fps
• Brace Height: 7.75″
• Axle to Axle: 30″
• Let-Off: 80%

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