Bowtech Assasin

Getting to know the Bowtech Assassin – Review

I am so excited about the Bowtech Assassin. It does everything, including pitching your tent and cooking your breakfast, and is light and well camouflaged.

Best of all, its price is manageable. If you are having archery sticker shock the Assassin’s price of $599 (USD) will buy you the new toy brand new.

A couple of You Tube videos really talk up this amazing bow. It comes with basically everything to go right to your target area or hunting zone. It is no wonder that Web sites all over the Internet give the Assassin their highest praise, with the following specs:

Speed 333 FPS
Let-Off 65-80%
Draw Length 26-30”
Draw Weights of 50, 60, 70 – interchangeable with two hex head screws
Brace Height 7”
Weight 3.8 lbs.
Axle to Axle length 30 5/8”

It comes with a R.A.K. (Ready. Aim. Kill.) Package that will get you from opening the box to shooting in two minutes. The features are:
• 4-pin TruGlo Apex Sight – lightweight, compact
• 1-pc 5-arrow Camo Ultra Lite Quiver light, durable, strong with quiet release
• Octane Hostage XL arrow rest – quiet, fast designed not to damage fletches; works with aluminum or carbon arrows
• 4″ light stabilizer
• Comfort Wrist Sling – adjustable water resistant neoprene
• Alloy Peep
• Dura-FLX String Dampening components designed to last
• BCY String Loop to increase string life and eliminate nock pinch.

The Assassin is a good solid, sound bow with a great selection of sound engineering choices. The perfectly synchronized binary cam system maximizes the Assassin’s accuracy and is engineered to provide infinite draw stops to suit each archer’s style. The draw stops touch the limb at full draw creating a solid back wall.

You can buy it from Amazon